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Competitive Advantages

Why Safe?

SAFE Competitive Advantages in IPS

  • Easier for Emergency Responders
  • SAFE becomes even easier with an indoor positioning system as Emergency Responders don’t have to type in their current position when navigating from point A to point B. Likewise, they don’t have to worry about counting doors, turns, or the like as they can see their real-time position on the map as they move through the building.

  • Diminutive
  • The most significant advantage of our product is its small size (dimensions 3*4*4 cm). The small size of this product makes it possible to place in the shoe.

  • Cost Effective (Low Expense, Low Price)
  • A simple piece of hardware together with a designed complex algorithm. EDG processing technology helps the designer team load the codes and algorithms to lower plans without unique processing plans. It helps decrease the expenses a lot. The Selling price is 5 times cheaper than competitors.

  • Customized Design
  • Unit IMU with unite of health-protecting and unite of data sender, together.

    Calculating the speed and acceleration of the user, sending data by BT Range (11-18 meters), Measuring the heartbeat, and warning the user by vibration, Measuring the quality of the air, the temperature of the place, receiving data by the sensor with BT, Sending LORA wireless data, Pressure-gauge sensor

  • Independent device
  • Our hardware device doesn’t need to connect to any other server, reader, or any other technology

  • Accurate 3D Real-Time Location System
  • Real-time, high-precision positioning with automatic floor detection. Accurate 3D positioning through the use of EDG processing technology

  • Adaptable with other related products
  • Our device could connect to health monitoring devices to measure blood oxygen level, blood pressure, air quality status, heart rate and warning vibrators.

  • Announcement of the place and time of the nearest exit to help the injured firefighters
  • Wireless charging
  • Intelligent incident detection system
  • Fall Detection Sensor
  • Help request by pressing a button

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