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Why Safe?

OUR Solutions: SAFE

SAFE is an IPS-based health monitoring and positioning device used where GPS and other satellite technologies lack precision or fail. This system works based on use of mathematical algorithms and data fusion with using of Bluetooth (BT) and low rate (LORA) radio waves, which allow the system to calculate the workers’ exact 3D position, measure their health status and transfer vital information to the rescue team in various indoor environments. Further, the device does not need any infrastructure to be placed beforehand during emergency conditions.

This system does not need to be carried in most cases and can be embedded in individuals’ clothes, such as their shoes. The device incorporates three main parts:
• IMU unit used for positioning and transferring data by BT. It can also calculate the speed and acceleration of users. The size of this segment is 3*4*4 cm, which makes it flexible to be installed in different positions.

• Health-protection unit can measure temperature and heartbeat, blood pressure, and oxygen in the blood and also can warn the user by vibration.

• Data transmission unit receives data by the sensor via BT and transmits LORA wireless. Measuring the air quality for poisonous smoke and air temperature are other advantages of this product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect firefighters and EMS personnel. We are expecting to help all emergency responders to enjoy a more accurate location experience and greatly empower all industries.

To reaching to our vision, we believe that we need to work hard on our accuracy, team working, innovation, and harmony.

As our target is emergency responders, our Vision is to be one of the most reliable and accurate Indoor Positioning System 

Technology providers at any non-predictable emergency places where any infrastructure didn’t place beforehand during emergency conditions

Our Vision

Why Safe?

How SAFE in Firefighting Saves More Lives

  • Improve communication
  • When fighting wildfires, poor communication can lead to serious injury and even death. Conditions in wildfires or brush fires are prime for firefighters to get lost. Thick smoke impacts visibility and poor visibility in a field with no landmarks leads to rescue personnel getting lost. Through SAFE, firefighters can track their personnel, increasing the chance of a successful recovery if the fire gets out of control or a rescue professional gets lost in the smoke and haze. On the other hand, supervisors can easily see where fires are and communicate with teams in the field. This makes it much easier to find people who may be trapped and get to them before it is too late.
    With SAFE breakthrough technology, Situational awareness between firefighters and the head of the operation is more Effective, Efficient, and allows everyone to return home safely.

  • Record Plan routes
  • Through SAFE in firefighting, the crew can view traffic, weather, and road conditions in real-time to avoid hazards and traffic jams. Finding the best route for firefighters helps fire stations and people in danger as it increases efficiency and reduces costs. Getting to the scene quickly often means the difference between a tragedy and a successful rescue. By having accurate tracking data about route options, fire departments can make better decisions for planning future routes as well.

  • Dispatch more help when necessary
  • If it becomes necessary to call firefighters for extra help, SAFE can quickly send them to the right location. SAFE delivers actual geographical locations of firefighting vehicles, helping dispatchers identify which crew is closest to an urgent situation to be sent to the accident.

  • Track response times and time on scene
  • Firefighters need to be on the scene with minimal delay in emergencies. With SAFE, the crew can track even response times to see if they are appropriately fast. In addition to that, fire crews can now record how long it took to stop the fire. This product calculates the person’s exact position and sends the vital information to the saving reinforcement team or the injured persons accompanied by waves. So, when the saving time decreases, the success possible in operation will increase.


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